When it comes to Industrial Hemp, it can be tough knowing where to begin.

It has something to offer for everybody - and that’s no exaggeration! Are you looking for eco-friendly clothing, chemical-free skincare products, or an incredibly reliable source of protein for your vegan diet? We think Hemp might just be the answer.

For over 20,000 years, Humans have domesticated this plant to provide for growing civilisations. One question - why did we stop growing Hemp?
Well, we all know why. Hemp’s the relation to Marijuana’, the potent flower that produces high amounts of the psychoactive compound ‘THC’ is supposedly why. A second question - Why did we outlaw the entire plant, not just the compound?

We may never know. However, with modern revelations, it’s more important than ever to understand the different varieties.

Hemp and Marijuana are two different breeds of the same plant. It’s a bit of a complicated topic, and we will discuss this in a future blog.  

   In summary;
          1. Industrial Hemp = A Plant with under 0.3-1% THC (Depending on the country and state)
          2. ‘Marijuana’/Medical cannabis = Any plant with over 1% THC Content. At this point, anything with more than 1% THC is considered medical or illegal cannabis.

We found Hemp through a pathway that began with testing the feeling of different oils in our Artisan Soap. Once we became obsessed with the variety of products that we could make from this oil, we took it upon ourselves to start spreading the word! For the last 3 years, we’ve been striving to serve our community with high-quality hemp skin and body care products that you know and trust.