Custom Orders

Custom soap orders are our absolute favorite, and because we love them so much, we take every measure to ensure client satisfaction. The type of handmade soap that we create is called cold-process, in which our unique recipe of vegetable based oils and butters is used as a base for luxurious, long lasting, skin-loving soap. Each batch is custom made with great attention to detail and thoughtfully chosen ingredients. All of our soaps are vegan and gluten free (except the goat-milk ones).

Handcrafted soaps are a eco-friendly, thoughtful and memorable gift of appreciation!

Contact Ansulene on or 083 249 8413 to place your order.  


How long does it take to get my order?

Custom Soap Order: Soap needs to cure for at least 30 days, so please allow 4-6 weeks for a custom job. If you are requesting a specific scent that Is not listed, allow an extra 2 weeks (6-8 weeks).

How do I pay?

After contacting Ansulene, you will be notified of the total price and invoiced for 25% of the order upfront and invoiced the remaining 75% after your Custom Soap has been made. After completing the payment, your order will be shipped to your desired location.

What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is 10 for custom bars. Orders will increase in increments of 10: Example 10, 20,30.40 etc.