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SOAP SAVER - All Natural Loofah Bag (Exfoliation)

SOAP SAVER - All Natural Loofah Bag (Exfoliation)

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If you love natural products, this is just the loofah for you! Unlike the common nylon loofahs, our All Natural Loofah Bag is made from sisal, part of the agave plant.  This natural material is both exfoliating and gentle.  The loofah fibers scrub off dead skin cells without irritating the skin.  Our favourite part about this loofah bag is how well it lathers - it creates TONS of moisturizing bubbles.  Throw in a bar of your favourite hemp soap and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin for good.  

- It is great for exfoliation or a gentle massage.  The friction creates some foam on the skin, release deade skin cells, and promote blood circulation.

- You can hang your soap in your shower or bathtub to dry and keep the soap close at hand for the next usage.  

- By using this little bag you extend the life of your handmade soap bars.  

- It is an all natural product, as sisal is a natural fiber, and although it feels rough, it is delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.  

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