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JUSTBLiSS Naturals



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Enjoy your favorite Essential Fragrance Oil  with these Air dried clay Diffuser Stone. You can naturally diffuse oils in your home or office. These diffusers make a perfect gift for you while you work from home, or for co-workers and student’s study desks. These stones are ideal for any small spaces including powder rooms. Alternatively, you can put 2-3 stones in each room near where you sit or sleep.

Simply place them in a small plate, bowl, or leave in tin, and add a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil.

You can display this diffuser in your favorite place like...

-your desk
-side table in the living room
-side table
-powder room
-or get creative

Clay being very porous, will absorb oils and diffuse slowly over a couple of days. Depending on humidity and heat, it can be between 1-4 days. Ideally 5-8 drops will give you the best results. For the first time, it will take a little more drop but with each use, you can reduce number or drops to your preference.

- As these are handmade, the thickness of each stone will vary slightly.
-Keep the diffusers away from water.
-Aroma will dissipate over time as essential oil diffuses in the air.
-Slight discoloration is normal where essential oil is added, depending on oil quality. It does not impact the performance.
-No need to wash between uses, simply allow the oils to diffuse. You can remove dust with a dry cloth or paper towel before adding more essential oils.

Handle with care as diffusers are air dried and not hardened by heat in order to preserve porosity. Diffusers may crack or break if dropped.

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