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DIFFUSER: Car or Wardrobe

DIFFUSER: Car or Wardrobe

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The perfect passenger! 

The JUSTBLiSS luxury car / wardrobe diffuser has been specifically curated to release a luxurious scent through a uniquely designed wooden lid. The JUSTBLiSS luxury fragrance range, which is part of our

Home & Lifestyle Collection, is made using a unique blend of superior quality fine fragrance oils to not only surround you with luxurious fragrance but also to last longer than the typical hanging air fresheners.

The diffuser works best in warm conditions. The heat from your vehicle or the sun causes the wood to expand and naturally diffuse the fragrance into the surrounding air. Simply hang the diffuser on the interior mirror of the car, or it can be used in your cupboard, bathroom, kitchen and Laundry room, to give them a fresh and pleasant smell


  • Remove wooden lid
  • Remove stopper
  • Replace wooden lid, ensure it is put on tightly
  • Tip bottle upside down for + 10 seconds.
  • Hang on your rear view mirror.
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