JUSTBLiSS was launched in January 2021 after the founder, Ansulene, went through a "winter season" in her life. 2019 & 2020 were 2 years of losses; most importantly a lost of purpose.
She decided to find purpose in her life again by making self-care and self-love a large priority in her own life. Ansulene found that using only natural soap, natural creams, natural shampoo etc. made her feel good about herself....
"I found that the simple act of applying the body butter on my skin or using a natural soap and inhaling the essential oils while in the shower, made me really feel GOOD"!

Ansulene made it her purpose in life again to help other people also realise that "going back to nature" and using only natural products really does make a difference how you feel about yourself.

Since having started, JUSTBLiSS has been able to help customers live their best life through self-care.

JUSTBLiSS products are designed to help escape life's daily challenges...Live your best life through self-care!

We hope you will fall in love with The JUSTBLiSS products every time you step into your shower or slide into your tub for some "ME" time. Relax, Refresh, & Rejuvenate!!!