Our mission is straightforward: to transform our consumer's beauty routine simply and purely: with hemp seed oil.

The mighty Hemp Seed has powerful natural anti-aging properties which transform our daily beauty routine into a moment of renewal. The magic of our Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Oil is its ability to gradually increase the benefits it gives us, as its composition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is similar to that of natural cutaneous lipids. Its emollient and elasticizing properties increase with use, giving the skin an extraordinarily bright and velvety lustre. It effectively prevents skin dehydration, as well as all kinds of extreme sensitivity and skin fragility, promoting a healthy balance and helping the skin's natural barrier to function normally.

This precious Hemp Seed Oil also has significant benefits for our hair, combating dryness and dehydration and leaving it luscious and healthy, thanks to the Oil's vitaminizing properties. It acts on the skin, redressing the scalp's natural balance and giving it extreme shine and vitality.

 Our products will always:

  • Be as natural and sustainable as possible! 
  • Have easy to read ingredient labels, so that You, our customer can read about the various ingredients.  
  • Sulfate-Free - no harsh detergents and super chemically formulas!
  • Paraben-Free we don't use preservatives that disrupt the endocrine system.  
  • Phthalate-Free - any scents we use don't have endocrine disrupting ingredients and are safe for you & your family!
  • No Animal Testing - our ingredients, our packaging & our product testing, no components that go into making JUSTBLiSS products are tested on animals! 
  • Our Plastic Containers - are shower safe recyclable plastic, wont get soggy when you take it camping or white water rafting or anywhere wet, and when you're done you can put in your household recycling box.  

Our Core Values

  • Family: Not only our own family, but also our JB Community family.
  • People (Our Customer Community): Our greatest asset and our inspiration! We want to built lasting relationships with our customers. Customers who become friends. 
  • Integrity and Honesty: “Do unto others …”. We will never include an ingredient, e.g. Collagen, and tell you it will remove your wrinkles. 
  • Respect: Respect one another!
  • Community Responsibility: Encourage, strengthen, and inspire each other.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Be a force for good and inspire change for the better
  • Quality: Only the best! 
  • Innovation: Always dream.
  • Attitude: Together we can! 
  • Education: Listening, learning, and discerning fact from fiction
  • Fun and Play: Turning dreams and ideas into reality.
  • Just be ourselves: no photoshopping or filtering of photos or videos. What you see is what you get.