JUSTBLiSS Offers PUDO Shipping Method


PUDO - Courier Guy's ingenious locker-to-locker and business-to-locker delivery service, revolutionising the way South Africa sends and receives parcels. Whether you are in bustling JHB, or in the mother city, PUDO connects you through a seamless, cost-effective delivery system that is all about convenience.

PUDO is your go-to for your orders with JUSTBLiSS as long as it's under 20kg and fits into one of their PUDO Lockers. And the best part? It is super easy and efficient:

  1. Select PUDO as your shipping method in checkout: Remember to select PUDO as your preferred shipping method.
  2. Select your preferred method: Locker-to-Locker or Locker-to-Door.
  3. CLOSEST LOCKER (Courier Guy):  Please let us know the closest Courier Guy or Depot to you for pick-up.
  4. We will then complete all the shipping details in the PUDO APP on our side. A PIN Code and Locker number is generated through the system.
  5. Quick Courier: PUDO's speedy courier whisks your package from the Locker that it's dropped off (from our Preller Square Locker) to its destination. You will get a buzz from Courier Guy when it's ready for pickup, if you chose Locker-to-Locker.
  6. Locker-to-Door: If you chose Locker-to-Door, it will be delivered within 2-3 days - depending the destination.
  7. PIN and Pickup: You just need to punch in your PIN at the locker and voila, the parcel's in your hands.