Join the JUSTBLiSS Team (and earn)

Have you told your friends and family about the JUSTBLiSS brand? Have you told them how great your skin is feeling after using the JUSTBLiSS products? 

If so, why not become an Agent for JUSTBLiSS, and earn commission at the same time?


DISCOUNT: As an JB Agent you will earn a discount of 20% on all products sold via our TinyShop or Online. 

COURIER COSTS: When your order is more than R1000, we will send out your parcel at no extra cost via PUDO, Locker to Locker. We ONLY make use of Courier Guy's services.

If you'd like you are welcome to send your own courier as well.

COMMISSION VIA "SUB-AGENTS": You can earn commission on all sales that friends/family/colleagues (etc) place using your "code".

AREA RESTRICTION: There are no area restrictions at all, however, we will not appoint more than one Agent in the "smaller" areas/towns.

COMMUNICATION: You will work closely with Nella,  and be added to an "Agent" whatsapp group where you will receive information about all new products that have been added to the Shop, discounts, etc.  You will also receive all electronic Marketing material from us.  

SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE: You are welcome to open another JUSTBLiSS FB/IG page in your "area name", and manage it yourself.  We are just very strict on using our branded colours/logo/branding, etc etc. More on this in the Application Form. 

If you need more information, please feel to contact us via this "contact" form.  You are also welcome to contact Ansulene on 083 300 6118. 

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