The signature carrier oil that JUSTBLiSS use in 99% of our products are HEMP SEED OIL. 

Our Hemp seed oil skin & body products, including haircare, are truly unique because ONLY Hemp oil contains the full complement of all 8 essential fatty acids and in the exact ratio the body needs to absorb them efficiently leaving no residue. 

Containing a high percentage of nourishing, super-moisturising Hemp seed oil ensures our Hemp products out-perform even the most expensive beauty creams and hair conditioning masques. 

The JUSTBLiSS products, such as face and body lotions also soothe skin with their natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - reducing redness and healing dry or infected skin.  Frequent use of Hemp products is an excellent way to protect against further infection and significantly reduce the symptoms of eczema, acne or psoriasis.