With the use of every product of JUSTBLiSS, your health and wellness is our top priority!

Every moment of TLC “me time” should not be tainted with health risks that come along with the array of harmful substances and chemicals that are put into many of the bath & body products on the market today.

JUSTBLiSS wants you to leave your moments of “me time” with the feeling of "I feel soooo good", and not a second thought about whether or not what you have chosen to put on your skin is healthy. This is why, we craft our bath and body products ONLY with phthalate-free fragrances – to keep the health of those who support JUSTBLiSS above all else.

To begin, what exactly are phthalates and what does it mean when we says that we use ONLY phthalate-free fragrances?

Phthalates are esters of phthalic acid, or in more mundane terms, they are referred to as “plasticizers” and make regular plastic products more flexible. This is the most common form of a phthalate that we see largely within the market, however, the main offender within bath and body products are the phthalates used within fragrance oils. Diethyl Phthalate, or DEP, are phthalate solvents that are put into the oils to help in extending the aromatic strength by acting as a binding agent. Normally, which phthalates have been inserted into products, it is not deliberately listed-or the insertion of phthalates are simply not mentioned at all- and is most likely a mix of many phthalates together.

So why exactly are phthalates bad for consumers? In 2014, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US) finalized their review over phthalates and wrote about their findings concerning the substance that was being found across the US market in a wide array of products. The main concern with phthalates is the vast spectrum of health concerns they have been linked to these chemicals; including, but not limited to, asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, neurodevelopmental issues, autism, and reproductive development issues. Phthalates were also found to be increasingly more harmful for women and young children than anyone else. Simple low exposure to phthalates will most likely not cause harm, but continued and high exposure to these chemicals is what is concerning. Phthalates come in many different forms, and although not all have been tested, enough phthalates within the chemical class that are used regularly have been found harmful, to ultimately cause the CDC to urge companies to stray away from the use of phthalates within their products.

Even with these findings, phthalates are still widely used in products marketed towards consumers as it normally increases durability of the product and is much cheaper. However, JUSTBLiSS is a luxury soap and self-care product brand that is willing to spend extra money to ensure that the products being labeled with the JUSTBLiSS logo, are the highest quality of product that can be produced. Thus, we chose to develop all of our intoxicating scents with phthalate-free fragrance oils so we can be comfortable and confident in the integrity of our products every time a product is shipped out.

We market our products as being the key to your perfect moments of “me time” that will keep you grounded and healthy within life; which is why, we are committed to provide you with phthalate-free products that will continue making your moments of “me time” the most beneficial and healthy they can be.

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