Step into any kitchen we'd be willing to bet there's a bottle of olive oil somewhere.  It's a "go-to" staple ingredient for a good reason.  Rich, emollient, and full of beneficial properties, olive oil is what we reach for when creating all our soaps!

If it's good enough for a Queen..... Olive oil has long been used a s a natural skincare aid.  It is said that the queen of beauty, Cleopatra, took olive oil baths (as well as milk and honey).  

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of olive oil in your skincare routine.

Olive oil is one of our favorite skin superfoods. Full of antioxidants, olive oil can help soothe the skin from irritations like rashes, breakouts, and dryness. It's antifungal properties have also been known to help prevent infections. Olive oil even contains some great-for-your-skin vitamins like vitamin A, E, D, and K. These vitamins encourage the regeneration of cells, brighten the skin, and offer protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. 

Let's not forget two pretty amazing compounds found in olive oil: squalene and oleocanthal


Squalene is a natural antioxidant and olive oil is chock-full of the stuff! Our skin actually contains squalene, but due to exposure to UV light and other environmental stressors, our natural supplies of this free-radical fighting antioxidant get depleted. By using products that contain a pure source of olive oil, you can keep that layer of protection up. 

Olive oil contains 300% more squalene than other oils and up to 500% more than other antioxidant-rich foods. Squalene is also a natural emollient, keeping skin soft and supple. 


Oleocanthal is part of the polyphenols family which basically means it contains antioxidants that originate from vegetables. It’s also a pretty powerful natural anti inflammatory. Oleocanthal has a similar effect on the body as ibuprofen. Oleocanthal is also being researched in terms of reducing cancer-causing cells from exposure to UV rays. There's still a lot to learn about these compounds, but based on the research done so far, they’re proving to be rich in benefits for the skin. 


Olive oil is great for all skin types, but if you have naturally oily or acne-prone skin, you may want to proceed with caution. Olive oil is comedogenic, meaning that it has the tendency to clog your pores and potentially cause breakouts. If you want to add olive oil to your skincare routine, a light application or using natural products that contain olive oil (like our soap bars) is recommended.  

  • Olive oil is a natural ingredient that we use in our products that is one of those “power ingredients.” It has multiple benefits for the skin all packed in one powerful oil! 
  • Olive oil is antibacterial. 
  • Olive oil is one of the few oils that are naturally GMO-free, and it’s unlikely that olive oil will be genetically modified in the future, so if you are looking to cut GMOs, olive oil is a safe bet.
  • In early research, olive oil may help reduce cancer-causing cells that occur as a result of exposure to UV rays. One more reason to get excited about lathering up with our goat milk soap! 
  • The chemical structure of olive oil most closely matches that of the natural oils that are on your skin’s surface which maximizes moisture and absorption.


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