There is a ton of skincare advice floating around out there, but almost all of it is focused on taking care of problem skin – mainly for oily, dry, or sensitive skin types. Granted, you may be facing unique challenges if you have one of those types of skin (or a combination of them) but what about all those people out there whose skin is, well, normal?

Some might wonder if normal skin is just a myth. Is there really such a thing as “normal skin”? If you’re one of the people who look in the mirror and see skin that seems perfectly balanced, and non-problematic, you might be wondering if you’re the oddball in the universe.

Trust that you’re not. There are millions of people, with what would be considered normal skin. While they might be underrepresented in the world of skincare blogs, they too have special skin care needs, and it isn’t always smooth sailing. Here’s what you need to know about normal skin, and how to care for it properly.

What Is Normal Skin?

If you have what’s considered normal skin, your skin is pretty well balanced, but this balance might be easily influenced by certain factors. People with normal skin often do have skin concerns, although they may seem relatively minor compared to those who fall on a more extreme end of the skin type scale.

People with normal skin might still experience bouts of dryness, oiliness, sensitivities, and the occasional breakout. The good news is that for those with normal skin, these conditions are typically resolved rather quickly, The not so good news is that it can be especially challenging for people with normal skin to find skincare products that help their skin, rather than make it worse.

For instance, if you have normal skin but are experiencing a bit of oiliness due to a change in the weather or hormonal shift, products that are designed for oily skin types may be too harsh for you. Likewise, if you’re experiencing some occasional dryness on your face, you might find that heavier moisturizers disrupt the balance of your skin and cause breakouts.

Because normal skin can change slightly, and because it can so easily be thrown off balance by using certain skincare products, it can be difficult to determine whether your skin type is really normal at all.

How to Know If You Have Normal Skin

The main indicator that you have normal skin is that, for the most part, your skin is relatively healthy. You may get a little oily or dry from time to time, and there may be the occasional breakout, but generally speaking, it is in good shape.

Normal skin doesn’t present with an oily sheen within an hour of cleansing, and it doesn’t feel tight or dry after it has been washed. It isn’t super sensitive to cosmetics or skincare products, although the ones with harsh ingredients might cause a little redness or irritation.

The truth is that the definition of “normal” is a little subjective. What one person might consider being perfectly normal, balanced skin, another might view as problematic because of a minor breakout every few weeks. 

All that said, if you do believe you have normal skin, it’s important that you not get too relaxed in how you care for it. Normal skin requires as much care and pampering as other skin types.

Caring for Your Normal Skin

The key to taking good care of normal skin and maintaining a good balance is proactively getting in front of skin issues before they manifest. This involves a routine that prevents dryness, moisturizes, and eliminates excess oils that can cause a problem for your complexion. Many people who have normal skin might find they also fit in the category of having combination skin – with minor areas of dryness or oiliness.

Caring for normal skin involves a well-rounded skincare routine, with products that use gentle ingredients. You’ll want to make sure you have your bases covered with a good quality natural cleanser, toner, moisturiser/oil/serum and gentle exfoliant.

One more thing to always keep in mind when caring for normal skin is that sunscreen is non-negotiable. When you have normal skin, it becomes easy to take it for granted. All of us are at risk of sun damage, even if you spend very little time outdoors. So, take care in choosing a non-toxic sunscreen with an SPF of at least 20 to 30, to protect that beautiful face of yours all year round.

Maintaining Balance in Your Life

Caring for, and maintaining, normal skin is all about finding a balance. But we all know that striking the right balance is important for so much more than skincare. Your life and the world around you require a balance as well. When you’re caring for your skin, take all of this into consideration and choose skincare products that are gentle, natural, and designed to strike a balance with mother nature while encouraging you to live your best life.

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