One of the most meaningful aspects of being in business is living out our values on a daily basis.

The big things that guide us are health, integrity, and purpose. We care deeply about:

  • the health and wellbeing of both people and our planet
  • being transparent and clear in all that we do
  • creating things that support and add value to others' lives  

These values are woven into every JUSTBLiSS Naturals' product, through the sustainable choices we make:

*Sourcing only high-quality, natural ingredients.

By choosing natural ingredients over synthetic, we help bypass the cycle of waste production and pollution to our most vital resources. Making synthetic ingredients requires water to process, manufacture, and dispose of waste. This then has a knock-on effect on the delicate ecosystems in our waterways- including the flora, fauna, and humans they sustain.

And, of course, choosing natural ingredients supports our own health with highly efficacious and beneficial ingredients and reduces the toxic load of chemicals we're exposed to and absorbing through our bodies. Every single JUSTBLiSS product is clean, effective, and a delight to the senses thanks to those natural botanicals (learn more about ingredients here).

*Bottling products in PET plastic

We have given the use of PET plastic versus Glass considerable thought. And although glass is SEEN as "integrity of natural ingredients", research has shown that PET delivers significant environmental savings across several key environmental categories.

Key findings from the PET plastic versus glass and aluminium NAPCOR report

  • PET plastic bottles produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • PET requires less energy to produce than glass and aluminium counterparts
  • Beyond PET’s beneficial reduction to global warming, PET plastic bottles also create less solid waste, use less water, and generate fewer emissions detrimental to air and water quality during production
  • Total lifecycle impacts of a PET beverage container are better for the environment than glass or aluminium
  • PET beverage container systems, accounting for the largest share of U.S. CSD and bottled domestic still water sales, compare favourably with the predominant aluminium and glass container systems for these applications
  • Glass bottles have the highest impacts for most environmental metrics evaluated, followed by aluminium cans, then PET bottles
  • All comparisons of PET CSD bottles with glass bottles and all comparisons of PET water bottles with aluminium cans show PET being better in most environmental impact categories.

*Choosing packaging materials that are all recyclable and/or compostable.

This includes bottles, labels, boxes, packing tissue, bags, and use cards. Reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep things out of landfills (and oceans) as much as possible. 

*Perfection is impossible, but we remind myself there's always room for improvement in what we choose and the way we live. There are so many small things that add up to big differences. Especially when more people get on board.

The list of ways to make healthier choices is endless, but here are a few simple ones:

  • Select clean, natural products for self and home... skincare, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, deodorant, laundry detergent. Candles and air fresheners made only with essential oils. Reading ingredient labels is critical.

  • Minimise the chemicals and plastic associated with cleaning supplies by making your own: Sanitising sprays in refillable glass spray bottles. Baking soda as a natural scrub for sinks and tubs. Reusable cloths and wipes. 

  • Fill up reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic. I have a set of clear glass water bottles that I love, and they're so easy to sanitize in the dishwasher. 

  • Use glass storage containers in the fridge and pantry. They're better for the ingredients they hold, plus they don't stain and are super easy to clean.

  • Take reusable shopping bags to the store, instead of collecting single-use plastic bags.

  • Food shop from local farmers, growers, and markets for seasonal, fresh food with higher nutrient values. Organic whenever possible. 

We need our leaders and policy makers to implement the big changes, but in the meantime, keep choosing health and keep encouraging others by sharing your example. There's power and strength in numbers. ⁠

*What health- and environment-centered choices are already habits for you? What new habits are you ready to incorporate next? 


A Note on Values: 

If you are curious about clarifying your own personal values, I highly recommend The Live Your Values Deck by artists and entrepreneurs Lisa Congdon and Andreea Niculescu. 

"Living your values increases your compassion, reduces your stress, enhances your confidence, and allows you to experience more intimacy in your relationships. These 78 cards offer you a practical set of tools for determining your core values and practicing them in your daily life".

The JUSTBLiSS Naturals values are:

  • Family;
  • Health;
  • Growth;
  • Spirituality;
  • Purpose;
  • Integrity;
  • Creativity;
  • Simplicity in Beauty; &
  • FUN!

Staying true to these helps us share our authentic self! No filters, No photo-shops, JUST US


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