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Ansulene's top self-care tips...

Taking care of yourself is always important, but even more so in times of global pandemics, riots, working remotely, and name but a few challenges.  Besides booking yourself a month-long spa retreat in some exotic location, there are countless ways to practice self-care that are simple and relatively inexpensive, and you can do while safe at home.  Here are some of my personal favourites:

Take a long hot bath 

My number one "me time" "ritual" is taking a hot bath on a Sunday evening. There is nothing more relaxing, and soaking away all the troubles, than just chilling in a hot bath with some candles, bubblebath and obviously a JUST BLiSS Soap....Unfortunately this is not always possible, especially if we have water restrictions.  When my muscles are especially sore I will also throw in some of my favourite bath salts. During the winter months I love to add some bath melts to the water as they really help to keep my skin soft and moisturised.  

Make your morning shower a self-care ritual

I do not know about you, but most people rush in-and-out of the shower in the mornings.  I have started to make my morning shower not just an "in-and-out" routine but a "me time" ritual.  I love to close my eyes while the water is running over me while focusing on my breathing - deep breath in, and blow out - do that a few times. Inhaling the different essential oils from the soap is a mood changer!  I only use JUST BLiSS Hemp soap and Hemp shampoo as I strongly believe that they keep my skin hydrated, even in the winter.  After my shower I will use a JUST BLiSS body butter for extra moisture, I use it even on my face.  There really is no better feeling than knowing that I am looking after my skin by using natural organic products....     

Have a cup of tea

Some people prefer hot chocolate or even coffee, but for me a nice cup of chamomile tea seems to relax my mind, especially if I drink it right before bed.  

Do some exercises

Science shows that when you move your body, your muscles release chemicals into your bloodstream that improves your mood, reduce anxiety and depression and make your brain more resilient to stress.  I might not always like to get up in the mornings, especially in the winter mornings, but once I finish exercising, Im never in a bad mood. My favourite exercise these days is to walk on the treadmill while playing music via the bluetooth speaker:) 

Add magnesium

Your body excretes it when you are under stress so it is important to find ways to replace it.  Magnesium is also known to calm your body and while there are plenty of fresh vegetables that are high in magnesium (e.g. spinach, almonds, cashews), there are other ways to supplement your diet.  Besides being in pill or fizzy form, there are also magnesium teas and body sprays that are absobed into your skin. 

Reading a good book

I love reading!  For me there is really no better way to relax than to curl up somewhere with a good book....first prize is in the bath :).  I just have to add that there are reading, and then there are reading.  I read a lot, especially when I am trying to learn a new subject, but when I want to relax I want to read without thinking...if that makes any sense :) For me, reading fiction helps me to escape the real world and become immersed in the storyline. 

Let me know what are your favourite ways to practice self care :)


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