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New Year, New Focus

The new year is among us. It is time to focus on new beginnings, new resolutions and new goals, whatever they may be. We are all aware that mental focus is essential to achieving success in any aspect of our lives. However, in this always-connected world where distraction is literally at our fingertips, being able to concentrate and stay focused can be a daunting task.

So, how do we fix this? Mental focus is similar to a mental muscle. The more you work on building it up, the stronger it gets. Improving mental focus and clarity is achievable, but not easy. It will take some serious effort and changes to some of your everyday habits.

A few strategies you might want try to help increase your concentration and energy are:

  1. Focus on One Thing at a Time – We are often misguided when we believe we are accomplishing so much when multitasking. Believe it or not, juggling multiple tasks at once can dramatically cut down on productivity and makes it much harder to hone in on the details that are truly important.
  2. Live in the Moment – It’s not easy to concentrate and stay focused when you are pondering about the past, worrying about the future, or completely tuned out. You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of “being present.” It’s all about putting away distractions, they may be physical like your smart phone or psychological like your worries and anxieties. Whatever the distraction, try to remove them to remain focused. Like I said in the beginning, this is not going to be easy. Removing anxieties could be one of the toughest things to do, but will do wonders for your health and your life.
  3. Practice Mindfulness – Mindfulness is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. It has a slew of health benefits! Practicing mindfulness can involve meditation, observing your breath with deep breathing exercises, and pausing to connect with your senses. With our love for essential oils, it isn’t a surprise that taking in certain fragrances is a key to when we practice mindfulness. Some people like to practice right before bed to wind down from their day. I personally prefer to practice deep breathing during my morning shower. The sound of the water and inhaling the aroma from any of our soaps, especially the Mint Dream soap bar, get me in the right frame of mind before I have to start my day. The popular essential oil Peppermint is known to stimulate the mind to help support memory, focus, concentration and mental performance. It truly awakens my body and mind and gets me ready to take on the day’s tasks.

The ability to focus can mean the difference between success or failure, especially when learning new things, achieving goals and performing tasks. They say practice makes perfect. Implementing the smallest changes, overtime, can make a huge difference. Let us know if any of our tips worked for you or if you have any other practices that you have found helpful. Please share your comments on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.


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