My promise to YOU

My promise to YOU

I'm Ansulene Prinsloo, Founder of JUSTBLiSS.

I am not promising you a Rapunzel head of hair with our Shampoo Bars, or to have a 20 Year old skin at the age of 50, BUT, what I do promise is that JUSTBLiSS will be your partner in a better personal care routine that does more than just add value to your skin, body and head. We can and want to give you added value through product education, and waste reduction, while helping you grow your confidence about the ingredients you choose in the areas that matter to you. Let us be your eco-guide throughout your home, starting at the top.

Our luxurious and effective shampoo bars will clean your hair leaving it soften and manageable. By using our body care products, you will fall in love again with your skin. I can continue like this with all our products, as they feeling of natural is just JUSTBLiSS! 

Our products are 99% percent vegan (we do use Honey in our Turmeric Soap for softer and smoother skin) with plant-based ingredients, and everything handmade with love. I can’t help mentioning the good ingredients thing – again. It really is important! I believe what goes in and around the body affects the body, so let’s make it a positive effect.

p.s. our products do NOT contain any phosphates, sulphates, dyes, or artificial fragrance. Not sending these types of ingredients down the drain is better for our oceans and water supply… and who doesn’t like water!?

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