If you haven’t chosen a “Word of the Year” yet, then you need one asap.

Having a Word of the Year is a really fun way to set your intentions and theme for the New Year, or any other life event for that matter.


Use your Word of the Year to help guide your decisions and continue moving towards what you want.

The first step to creating anything you want is to identify self-awareness and specific intention(s). A Word of the Year will set you in the right direction by bringing more awareness to your intentions.

Your Word Of The Year Sets An Intention, A Theme Per Se, For How You Want Your Year To Flow.

Picking a Word of the Year is an excellent way to do this. You may just have one word that really sticks out to you for your 2024 theme, if that’s the case, just choose one. Or, you might have a group of words or set of themes that you want to set as your intention—it’s totally up to you.

How To Choose Your Word Of The Year:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and make two columns. On one side, write down everything that went well over the past year. On the other side, write what you would like to change.
  2. Review the list of what went well.
    • How do these things make you feel?
    • What do you want more of?
  3. Choose one to five words that really speak to how you want your year to feel. Nouns, verbs, anything works—just words that feel good to you. Don’t get caught up in the grammar.
  4. Review them all together, then narrow it down to one you know you need more of in your heart.

Then, write your word on a pretty notecard and stick it to your bathroom mirror or anywhere else you’ll see it every day. Some other ideas are on your car’s sun visor, your office wall, or make it your computer desktop or phone wallpaper.

Choosing a “Word of the Year” is a personal and inspiring process. This is not a comprehensive list, but if you need some inspiration, here are 50 words to spark creativity and reflection:

  1. Transform
  2. Courage
  3. Harmony
  4. Adventure
  5. Balance
  6. Resilience
  7. Growth
  8. Mindfulness
  9. Joy
  10. Empower
  11. Focus
  12. Heal
  13. Innovate
  14. Thrive
  15. Simplify
  16. Connect
  17. Explore
  18. Gratitude
  19. Peace
  20. Create
  21. Nurture
  22. Discover
  23. Inspire
  24. Flourish
  25. Awaken
  26. Believe
  27. Reflect
  28. Elevate
  29. Persevere
  30. Dream
  31. Sustain
  32. Empathy
  33. Challenge
  34. Diversity
  35. Kindness
  36. Wisdom
  37. Freedom
  38. Renew
  39. Resolve
  40. Engage
  41. Passion
  42. Vibrant
  43. Calm
  44. Illuminate
  45. Transform
  46. Integrity
  47. Breathe
  48. Aspire
  49. Unite
  50. Evolve

Each of these words carries its own unique energy and potential for personal transformation. The key is to find a word that resonates deeply with your aspirations and challenges for the year ahead.

Again, this list is by no means all-inclusive, just some ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.

Benefits Of Choosing A Word Of The Year

  1. Simplicity and Focus: Unlike complex resolutions, a single word is simple and easy to remember. It provides a clear, focused theme to guide your actions and decisions throughout the year.
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability: A single word can adapt to changing circumstances and can be interpreted in various ways as your year unfolds. This flexibility makes it easier to stay committed to your intentions, even when life takes unexpected turns.
  3. Promotes Self-Reflection: The process of choosing a word encourages deep introspection about your values, goals, and what you truly want to focus on in the coming year. It’s an opportunity to align your actions with your innermost aspirations.
  4. Creates Intentionality: Having a guiding word helps in making more intentional choices. It acts as a constant reminder to align your daily actions with your broader life goals and values.
  5. Encourages Growth and Development: By focusing on a specific theme or quality, you’re more likely to take steps towards personal growth and improvement in that area. Whether it’s “patience,” “courage,” or “innovation,” your word can inspire you to develop in ways that resonate with your personal journey.
  6. Provides a Sense of Direction: When faced with decisions, your Word of the Year can serve as a guiding principle, helping you to choose paths that are in harmony with your chosen focus.
  7. Enhances Mindfulness: Regularly reflecting on your word encourages a more mindful approach to life, keeping you anchored in the present and more aware of your actions and their impact on your goals.
  8. Builds Resilience: As the year progresses, your word can become a source of strength and encouragement, especially in challenging times. It can remind you of the bigger picture and help you to persevere.
  9. Encourages Positivity: Choosing an uplifting or aspirational word can have a positive impact on your mindset, influencing your actions and interactions in a positive way.
  10. Creates a Personal Narrative: Over time, the words you choose year after year weave a narrative of personal growth and change, reflecting your journey and evolution as an individual.

In essence, a Word of the Year acts as a gentle, yet powerful, compass, guiding your steps with intention and purpose through the landscape of your life.


So what does "flourish" mean to you? To us, it means to grow and thrive, to be happy and healthy. According the Merriam Webster online, "Flourishing is prospering and being successful. Flourishing is finding the joy in life, losing fear, and living from a place of trust. Flourish represents growth and resilience, which means you'll be able to weather any storms that come your way and still grow and thrive! It also means to take bold action for breakthrough in your life". 

YES, it's a bold, dramatic word. It's a word to live up to. We feel a bit vulnerable putting it out there, but that's all part of it, isn't it? Dreaming big. Taking risks. Daring, We think it's going to be perfect :). We have a lot of great things in store for this year, and can't wait to share them with you. 

Wishing you clarity as you consider your hopes and dreams and intentions for 2024. 

Much love

Ansulene, and the JUSTBLiSS Team

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