From beauty editors to your BFF, everyone is talking about face mists right now. If you haven’t tried one, you’re seriously missing out! Have questions? We’ve got answers. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the must-have skin care product of the moment.

What Is a Face Mist?

Just like it sounds, a face mist is a skin care product that you spray on your face. There are lots of different types out there, and for the most part they deliver an instant hit of hydration with ingredients like vitamins, extracts, and essential oils. Some have additional skin care benefits like controlling excess oil, calming stressed skin, and offering anti-aging properties. And others, like JUSTBLiSS Face Mists, also give you mood-boosting benefits. More on those in a minute.

What Is Face Mist Used For?

Like we said, most face mists are all about delivering instant hydration, and are totally suitable for all skin types. So whether your face is drier than usual because of cold winter weather or just naturally needs more moisture, a few spritzes will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

While they’re a natural pick for those with thirsty skin, face mist benefits go beyond moisture. For example, they’re also great to use when it’s really hot and humid, or you’ve just finished working out. Why? Because they can help cool you down and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Made with 100% natural hydrators, our JUSTBLiSS Facial Mists are designed to provide mood-boosting benefits with a spritz of sparkling orange for energy, calming lemon verbena for a feeling of relaxation, or vibrant grapefruit for an instant hit of happy. We keep all three on hand for whatever we’re in the mood for at that moment, and think you should too!

Face Mist vs Toner: What’s the difference?

For starters, everything! Toners and face mists actually have very different purposes: Toners cleanse and prep skin for moisturizer, while face mists instantly hydrate and refresh. So, if you’re going to use both, make sure to use a toner first.

When Should You Use A Face Mist?

Besides the moments mentioned above, face mists can and should be part of your daily routine! You know how people sometimes splash their face with water to wake up? Same idea with face mists, but you won’t have to re-apply your makeup after. In fact, it will help refresh your makeup! So just spritz throughout the day whenever you need a little hydrating boost. For more on when to use a face mist, check out this article.

How Do You Use Face Mist?

Using a face mist is simple and can be done anytime, anywhere! Here are the basics:

Step 1: Pick your favourite face mist
Step 2: Pop off the top
Step 3: Close your eyes and mist 11-12 inches from skin, before or after makeup
Step 4: Get glowing!

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