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All the Reasons You Need To Switch Over to Soap Bars

Is this possible? Are people ditching soap gels for soap bars? The truth is yes. They have been doing this for the last few years when they started to realise how much more beneficial soap bars are versus soap gels. Therefore, we have decided to write an article for you so that you can make an informed decision the next time you are going shopping for soap.

Soap Bars

Soap bars can normally be found in a solid bar shape that is made from soap. You of course get a variety of soap bars which can be found in different types of shapes, colours, and ingredients and are also intended for different areas of your body. This beautiful phenomenon was invented around 2800 BC and was made from cooking fatty acids from animals as well as natural ingredients such as wood ashes. However, since then, it has come a long way and so has the benefits of using soap bars.

The Benefits of Using Soap Bars:

· Saving Money — Yes, you read that correctly. By investing and purchasing soap bars you are in fact saving money. This is because bar soaps last much longer than any type of other soap. It is much easier to accidentally squirt out too much body wash in a holder or container than do so with a bar of soap.

· Reduce Your Waste — It is no secret that the beauty industry causes a lot of harm towards the environment from all the ingredients, plastic bottles or containers being used or by just simply producing these products in factories that cause a lot of pollution. However, most soap bar companies package their products in recyclable material or use no packaging at all. In addition, they are also far more conscious as to what type of ingredients they use to not harm the environment. Therefore, by using soap bars you will be able to reduce your waste and become more eco-friendly.

· Allergy Friendly — Bar soaps are normally made with fewer ingredients and ingredients that are more natural. Therefore, they are most part parabens free as well as preservative free. Inasmuch, if you are prone to allergies or have skin that is more on the sensitive side — soap bars are definitely the way to go.

· Moisture — By using natural bar soaps you are more likely to feel that your skin is not only clean but also more moisturised. This is due to the saponification process where natural glycerine stays behind in the bar of soap, Therefore, glycerine will moisturise your skin every time you use your bar of soap.

· Travelling Made Easier — Did you know that there are plenty of soaps out there which include 3-in-1 soap as well as small and large soaps? So, instead of packing in all the bottles of face cleansers, ointments, hair conditioner, body wash and shampoo rather pack in a few small soap bars. Not only will this make your travelling gar easier with all the restrictions, but you will also be able to pack in more clothes.


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