Want to be part of our #JBTEAM? Want to get paid for promoting your favourite skin,body,hair and lifestyle brand?

Read the instructions below to apply for our affiliate program and start earning for being a brand ambassador. Our program is designed for those who are passionate about skincare, bodycare, hair care etc etc....  and want to share their love for our products with others. As an affiliate, you'll earn 10% commission on every sale that is made through your unique referral link & discount code. 

We offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality lifestyle products that are loved by many, and we are excited to partner with you to help spread the word. Apply for our program today, get selected and start earning money while promoting the benefits of healthy and glowing skin!


  1. Must be based in South Africa
  2. Must have a PUBLIC social media platform to post on and to tag JUSTBLiSS  - Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)
  3. Have an interest+ knowledge in skincare and skincare products 
  4. Must be able to create cute AF content about our products/your discount code
If selected, you will be given a personalised discount code to share with your community/followers. This code will be to the value of 10% and will be written like "NAME.10" for example. This code can be used in all posts regarding our brand or products, however you wish to promote your code.
How does commission work?
Based on your monthly sales, you will be given a 10% of the sales made with your code. 
  • You make 5-50 orders with your code in a month you will receive 10% of the value of those sales. Once you start to bring in more than 50 orders, you will move up to a higher commission bracket: You make 51-149 orders with your code in a month you will receive 15% of the value of those sales. You make 150+ orders with your code in a month you will receive 5 free skincare products and commission of 15% (performance based)
  • After your first 50 orders you will receive 3 free products
NB Important Agreement Clause:
  1. Your participation in this affiliate program is performance based (how many sales you make with your code).  Failure to make sales with your code can affect your affiliate program agreement.
  2. You must reached a minimum of 5 orders a month for the first 3 months or you risk being removed from the affiliate program entirely
  3. If 3 or more months pass with less than 5 orders a month during your affiliate program, you will be taken off the program
  4. During major sales or discount period (on our online website) you will be given a special "surprise" code for you followers. This surprise is used to replace the discount your personalised code would offer. For example, during our birthday sale your followers won't get your 10% off code they will be able to use your surprise code "NAME.SURPRISE" and receive a small gift in their order during that sale such as a silk scrunchy, reusable cotton pads, facial sponges etc