JUSTBLiSS Naturals was founded in 2021 by Ansulene, with the aim of putting herself back in charge of her own health (and life), making self-care a priority. For her the starting point was what she was putting into and onto her body. JUSTBLiSS Naturals was started to inspire others to also live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. 

Ansulene firmly believe that Less is more, and this philosophy is since inception the guiding principle for all JUSTBLiSS Naturals' product.

We like to keep things simple, yet sophisticated. In every small batch of JUSTBLiSS Naturals product, you will find a fusion of CLEAN ingredients, thoughtfulness, and intention. These modern and minimalist remedies are rooted in holistic health to support your entire being - mind, body and spirit.



You deserve to know exactly what ingredients you're putting on your body, so you won't find complicated, unpronounceable chemicals in any JUSTBLiSS product; only carefully-chosen oils, butters, waxes, botanicals, etc. We believe in complete transparency!.

JUSTBLiSS Naturals are very proud to sell our beautiful products, and contain no synthetics, parabens, or additives, all over South Africa.  We NEVER test on animals, and choose ingredients and packaging that are friendly to the environment. We feel extremely confident that you will enjoy our products, that in a rare case that you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund you; 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. 

 We also:

  • Believe in family and community is what life is all about. 
  • Believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships with our customers.
  • Believe in sharing information and constantly learning.
  • Only sell products we use and believe in ourselves.

Meet the JUSTBLiSS Team

Image is at the 2024 Bloem Show:We won 1st prize for stall who made the most impact in a small stall. 

Pic is from left to right in our JB branded clothing: Ansulene, Nella, Courtney & Charlene

The 2024 Bloemshow Winning stall. 


We are WELLNESS driven beauty!

JUSTBLiSS Naturals' clean products to help you live your healthiest, happiest and most vibrant life. We believe simplicity is sexy and health is holistic. Join Ansulene and the JB Team in exploring the beauty of living your life naturally.