Collection: WOMEN'S MONTH

9 August is a beautiful reminder of 20 000 women who marched into Pretoria, to the Union Buildings, to protest against the pass laws which existed in the country at that time. This Historic march - 9 August 1956 - which was also a protest against the patriarchy and racism entrenched through apartheid - brought together women from across South Africa of all races and across many divides.  

The women claimed in their petition that the pass laws not only affected their freedom of movement, but that they caused deep humiliation to them personally. The arrests brought about the laws were also damaging families and to the incomes of the women.


Every year in August, South Africa uses women's month to pay tribute to these women, who, in many ways were trailblazers for women's rights in the country. Women's Month is thus a reminder of the huge contributions made to South Africa's democracy as well as to women's rights as a whole. 

Happy Women's day and Happy Women's Month from JUSTBLiSS.