Collection: SPRING 2023 COLLECTION


Spring has sprung in the JUSTBLiSS Soap Studio! This can be a fickle season for a few different reasons; rain showers one day, sunshine and warm temps the next, and the very next day cold to the bone. But if there's one thig we can all count on, it's the release of our limited edition spring scents!

For those who are new to our JB products, the Spring 2023 collection is made up of three different scents: Lemon & Lavender, Spring Flower and Barby Girl. Each scent profile is completely unique and made specially for you.

When it comes to our seasonal products, there are two points worth mentioning:

1.  Seasonal products are only available for a limited time! As with all of our seasonal collections, we made a limited supply of these products which means that once they're gone, they won't be back until next spring. So stock up while you can so you don't miss out!

2. Embrace the season with new spring labels! Our seasonal spring products are dressed to impress in limited edition labels.  We think this adds a touch of seasonal flare and note of excitement for seasonal products that we've been looking forward to after a long winter.



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